The Benefits to Employers

Employtech engages with the business community as a community partner and as a recruitment resource. We as an agency are uniquely and strategically positioned to act as a supplemental agent for any company's outreach and recruitment towards our community's pool of prospective employees. Employtech provides employer specific screenings of applicants for our employment partners to ensure the most efficient use of both time and resources.

Recruitment sources of future employees are introduced to Employtech by state agencies, local non-profit organizations, and Church groups. The employer is provided ongoing Employtech staff availability for consultation, recruitment, and non-invasive on site intervention, and retention services as needed to be determined by the employer/ business.

No company too big, no job too small

Source the Best Employees

At Employtech Services Inc., we know that employees' performance is crucial to the success of your business. This is why we put in much time and effort to find the best people. We even conduct regular market research to evaluate current hiring trends and job market forecast.

Our team performs thorough recruitment and selection processes. We do complete background checks to make sure every candidate meets your company's needs and requirements.

Our office is centrally located downtown Jacksonville, Florida. We also have mobile offices around the area to provide on-going consultation and mentoring services for everyone.

Find a Rewarding Career

In addition to our job placement services, we also assist individuals who wish for a rewarding career. We give them access to the newest job openings so it's easy for them to see companies that are hiring.

Employtech Services Inc. also conducts person-specific pre-placement training to help job seekers further their skills and knowledge so they may gain a competitive advantage in their chosen field. To learn more about our courses, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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